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December 9, 2011

June 2011

My family is one big reason why I consider myself truly blessed. I’ve written about my parents, how weird they are, and how much I love them. Now, it’s time to write about my siblings, how weird they are, and how much I love them.

I have an older sister named Gab. She can do pretty much everything: sing, dance, act, model, host, direct, do physical stuff… She’s also the type of person who’s able to make do with whatever she’s given. A lot of people say that we’re very much alike. But, trust me, we’re very different. She’s got a big girly side; something I don’t have. Make-up, nail polish, fashion, heels and the like; that’s more of her thing. But, ironically, she’s also the “strong one”, having had Muai Thai as her PE and all. If there was one thing I envied about her, that’d be it. Her body strength. Haha! We actually are alike in many ways. Both of us enjoy juggling a lot of different things altogether but, the difference is, she can actually do it; her body can actually handle it. I guess she’s all set since she’s got a really full life, one that many people envy.

The youngest of us three is Timo, our little baby boy. He’s honestly a very interesting person. Compared to my sister and me, he’s a lot less “out there” when it comes to singing and performing in general. But, trust me, he’s got the voice. It’s a rare occasion for him to sing in front of people but, they sort of melt when he does. Hahaha. I’ve come to notice that he isn’t really into team sports. But, when it comes to swimming, he’s a champion. Literally. Now, that is really his thing. He’s also into all those aquathlons, duathlons and triathlons! I’m also almost 100% sure that he’s gonna be the richest one amongst the three of us when we get older. Lastly, he’s weird because he likes playing with fuses, matchsticks, and fire. And other things.

The three of us have an odd relationship. There are times when two gang up on one. Here are the possible combinations and their respective situations:

–          Gab and Kara VS Timo. As much as I try to avoid living the life my sister lived, there are times when our experiences are scarily similar. The good thing about it is; she gets me. I can talk to her about everything, from things about life, love, our friends, and everything in between, and she can give me advice or whatever. We tell each other things we cannot always tell Timo. Haha. So, he ends up being sent out of the room. (haha love you tim) Given the facts that he is the youngest and the only boy, this one is the most common combo.

–          Gab and Timo VS Kara. For some reason, I’m really always a target for bullying. Yes, even at home. So whenever they feel like it, they team up and tease me about every little thing in the world. Well, Timo does most of it while Gab rides along. They tease me because I’m the middle child and I’m “different”. But, I just let them go and fight back when necessary. It’s fun that way. Haha!

–          *Timo and Kara VS Gab. This secret combo only forms because of the unchangeable truth that Gab is, whether we like it or not, the eldest amongst us three. Now, what does being the eldest mean exactly? It means that she’s the queen. She’s the boss. She’s the one that no one is allowed to mess with. Sad but, true. Probably similar to many others, there may or may not be times when she abuses this privilege of hers.  And those times may or may not be the main cause the formation of this secret combo. *This paragraph has to be cut short for safety precautions. Hahahahaha.*

I also just want to add all the times they were there for me when, well, when weird things happened to my body… happen to my body. Present tense. Because they still do. As much as they make fun of my health whatevers, with their witty side comments and all that, they really do take care of me when the situation calls for it. There’s no need for me to be super specific since, I’m sure they already know how grateful I am for everything. I can really count on them. Always.

There you have it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fully explain our sibling love and sibling rivalry to you. We’re closer than most siblings, yes. We fight, yes. We team up against each other, yes. We even team up against our parents, mmhmm. Yes, we’re definitely a strange bunch. But, with all honesty, I wouldn’t want it any other way. I guess it took me a long while to bring myself to write this one, only cause I wanted to make it count. So there. I love my siblings. 🙂

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