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December 9, 2011

October 2011

Due to two days of rough play, I now have roughly nine bruises on my knees, and hideous blood clots all over my forearms. Yesterday was my first time to play a rough game after too many months. I couldn’t have been happier to feel so beat up after. Just like a lot of others would put it, I’m bone-tired but heart-happy. That’s my excuse now actually. I don’t have the energy to make an essay worth reblogging right now but, I’ll write on anyway because well, I just had the sudden urge to write my Day 12 entry. Maybe it’s because I realized that I wrote my Day 11 entry more than 90 days ago. But, better late than never. So, here it goes !

The following things are absolutely essential:

  • My Signature Hot Chocolate from Starbucks has to have soy milk and mint. If there’s no soy milk or mint, then I order something else.
  • My Formosa Roasted Black Milk Tea from Tea Tap must have 75% sugar. No more, no less. And it must have ½ pearl sago, and ½ nata de coco. Nothing more, nothing less. Else, I would notice and would feel strange drinking it.
  • The pepperonis in a pepperoni pizza have to be removed before I eat the pizza. Or I won’t eat the pizza.
  • The volume in my phone has to be raised only to the second highest level, not the highest. I can’t explain why but, I just feel that my phone’s gonna explode if I set it on the maximum level.
  • There has to be something going on with me, apart from academics. It could be a project for me, or for church, or anything. Just something to keep me busy; something I can be passionate about, and be excited for. That is really the only way for me to be genuinely happy.
  • Whenever I have a new pair of sneakers, they have to be stepped on before I use it. It bothers me to see shoes that are totally spotless.
  • My pen case has to be complete with my 0.3 and 0.4 G-Tech pens, 1.0 and 2.0 calligraphy pens, a double-sided Sharpee, a Super Sharpee, a V5 Pilot pen, a mechanical pencil, eraser, my drawing notebook with a grid, my drawing notebook with harder paper and no grid, my dream notebook, and Elmer’s glue. I know when something’s missing because I doodle almost every day, and I use each and every pen to doodle. So, it’s very frustrating when I need to draw something that requires a certain one and it’s not available. It delays the whole picture.
  • People must never touch me with their toes. That is absolutely essential.

(I just read it again, and I’m sorry I did not mean to sound so serious. Hahahaha)

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