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December 9, 2011
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May 2011

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(WARNING: I only have sixteen years worth of knowledge and experiences about the topic. You are under no obligation to listen to me or even read all the way through. But, if you manage to do so, wow. Congrats.)

Love is probably one of the topics in this world that is really beyond our understanding. There are thousands of love doctors, gurus or whatever you call them. But, I doubt they can explain everything. Some people know so much about it but, only in theory. You’ll be surprised at how many love experts know nothing about what it really is. Everybody knows the word, yes. It’s gotten quite overrated, if you ask me. But, no one really knows what it is.

So, what is it exactly?
Or what is it to me at least?

It’s so broad, vague, and incomprehensible. But, we see it every day, despite everything. Love is all around us.

Love is seen in the little things that people do with and for others.

Parents can deal with the kids’ complaints and misbehavior, let them off the hook again and again, and make so many unbelievable sacrifices… because of love. Siblings can fight for the shallowest reasons, but they make up and apologize, because of love. Friends can make fools out of themselves with each other, tell each other everything, laugh together, and cry together, because of love. People are able to forgive, let go of anger, learn to trust, overcome certain fears, set themselves aside, start thinking of others, or even try to change for the better, because of love.

Broad. Vague. Incomprehensible. And yet, we need it. We need it more than anything else, I think.

Some people even do crazy things trying to find it. But, the thing is, some think that love is just a feeling that someone has for a special someone. Their idea of love is limited to just the romantic type. They think that love is all about pink cheeks, butterflies and the like. But, it’s not. Love is not a feeling. Some search far and wide for the kind of love they think they need, and they end up taking for granted all the love that’s right before their eyes. They don’t see all those little things.

There’s so much I can say about it, and I could probably talk about it for hours if given the chance but, I really cannot give a solid answer to the main question. This is perhaps the closest I can get: sometimes, I think that love is a choice. It’s a big decision to love another person. It’s really not just anything. Love means acceptance. Love means patience. Love means understanding. Love means forgiveness. Love means time. It could mean a whole lot of other things too. This does not only apply to romantic love. If you think about it, it’s actually so beautiful. Love is beautiful.

“Love is the only thing that makes watching the world bearable.” – Stardust

Out of all the definitions from movies, this is one of the few that really stuck. It’s doesn’t answer the “What is it exactly?” question completely but, I just agree with it.

Imagine a world without love. That means… a world where people don’t pray, don’t forgive each other, don’t care about their kids or parents, hold grudges, act on anger, say things without regard for feelings, think of only themselves, worship money, live without a care, have endless wars, kill all they want, find relief and escape in drinking, doing drugs and having sex, and well, I think you get my point. But, the sad thing is: those things actually happen here, in the world where love already exists. That is precisely why I agree with the quote from Stardust.

Sometimes, in the midst of all the terrible things going on, you get a glimpse of something good. And then, everything changes. Those little “I love life” moments that seem to drown out every little bad thing in your head, and those little good things in life that just make you feel right … Those are the things that make life worth it.

Love makes life worth it. 🙂

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