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December 9, 2011

May 2011



Even if I do have a number of people whom I tell almost everything to, this lucky boy is the one with the actual “best friend” label. (I’m half-joking with the lucky! Haha.) “Who’s your best friend?” People always ask me that, and I automatically answer “Matthew Tan” almost each time.

 The following are random cool things that apply only to this particular best – friendship.

For a long time, he was the first one I would want to talk to when something bad would happen. The following is a very typical scenario for us. One of us texts the other a sad face, and that’s all it takes for the other to call up. We didn’t even plan for that. It would just happen, again and again, until it became some sort of code. He was really always there. Even if he was busy with a lot of things, like exams or student council stuff, he managed to be there all the time. For example! Just yesterday, I kind of forgot about our code, and I left a post on his wall saying that I had a problem. When I checked my phone, I had exactly 10 missed calls. Haha. Oops.

We’re both welcome to crash at each other’s houses at random times on random days. He can talk to me about the girl/s he likes, and the girl/s that like him, and vice versa. It’s pretty convenient to have someone who can give you a dude’s perspective on things. Also, he feels comfortable enough to just brush his teeth beside me, and even on Skype. (Yeah that’s kinda weird, I know) Sometimes, we do homework while Skyping with each other, but we end up concentrating on our work, and talking only 50% of the call time. It just feels cool to have him right there, I guess.

It’s pretty cool that my best friend, whom I almost always view as a complete weirdo, is Xavier’s Student Council president. He’s also one of the most talented pianists I know, even if he doesn’t think so. Also one of the smartest, but again, he doesn’t think so. Actually, he’s a pretty great person in general. I’m pretty thankful to have him. Despite him being a weird, little, lost boy, I couldn’t ask for a better best friend. WOOHOO GO SUSHI.

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