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December 9, 2011

May 2011

Yes. Those two have to come in a pair. What would any girl do without her girl best friends? Even if there are times when I want to smack them both on the face, I really do not know what I would do without them. (Ew. Cheesy.)

The following are random cool things that apply only to this particular best – friendship.

A good motto for us would be: “What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is ours.” or Best friends share clothes.” The second one is our real motto, but it’s supposed to be a secret. Oh well.

But, even if there are times when we need to borrow each other’s clothes and dress up, it’s really not our thing. (Well, not mine and Rej’s at least) We tend to laugh pretty hard at girls who are too girly to be true. That’s the main thing we have in common, I think. We’re like boys and pigs that can disguise as prim and proper girlies. But when we’re together, we can be totally ourselves. I can never stress that enough.

Whenever we’re together, we can laugh for hours about even the most stupid things like, the way a certain word sounds, or how much Panacotta Christel made, or what a dude said or did, and a lot of other stupid things as well.

Rej and I usually crash over at Christel’s place even if she’s not there. I think Christel has already gotten used to arriving at her room to find either of us asleep on her bed. It has become our home as well. We get picked up there at whatever time, bathe there when needed, and eat there whenever we want! (Haha. Kind of.) Well, we’re the type of best friends that open the refrigerator before the home owner does, and it’s totally fine. (Haha. Kind of.)

We can make fun of each other in front of each other’s faces. This is the bad thing though; sometimes, we go too far and still, we keep going. (I think you two know what I’m talking about! Christel and I already experienced this. Rej, you’re next.) But, well, I don’t think we can stay mad at each other for too long. We’ll end up needing each other again anyway.

We think that we’re the type of best friends that would meet up for lunch at some high end restaurant 10 years from now and reminisce about all the stupid things we did as teens. We’re the type of best friends would attend each other’s weddings, and be the godmothers of each other’s kids. (Yes, we talked about this haha) We’re the type of best friends who need to approve of the future boyfriends, who actually have a say in each other’s lives, and (prepare for the biggest cliché in the world) who know that at the end of the day, no matter how good or how bad it went, we’ll always have awesome best friends that would be willing to be there.

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