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December 9, 2011

May 2011

It’s not the best shot in the world, but that up there is a picture of a part of the wall in my room. Each photo has a story, and represents a moment. I have a thing for moments. If I could only find a way to capture each and every special or random moment of my life, I would. There are those lucky times when we get to catch them on film but, most of the best moments stay only in our memory. But, those little moments are the ones that make life so amazing.

Waking up feeling excited for the day.
Taking a bath when it’s hot.
Seeing blue sky after such a long time.
Watching the sunset.
Not being able to breathe while laughing.
Dancing in the shower.
Successfully taking jump shots.
Playing Chicken Fight in the water.
Riding horses. Fast ones.
Rolling on the sand like idiots.
Hugging people.
Chilling at the beach with no worries.
Seeing little kids play.
Being reminded of your own childhood.
Bursting into song.
Having people over on such short notice.
Receiving letters.
Being surprised for no reason.
Enjoying the scenery.
Playing on a children’s playground.
Spending lazy days with your best friends.
Experiencing things for the first time.
Exploring beautiful places.

Realizing that life is good and that you’re genuinely happy.

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