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December 9, 2011

May 2011

I’ve been Born Again Christian all my life. As a kid, I went to Sunday School and now that I’m older, I teach the 2-4 class. Don’t worry though, my faith/ “religion” is not going to be the focus of this entry. Haha. Let me keep this first part simple. I love and believe in God. Period.

The only reason why I wanted to include that bit is because it’s probably the root and source of everything else I believe in. While thinking about what to write for this essay, I reread my previous ones and noticed a prevailing topic. I then realized that almost my entire life revolves around this one particular belief. So now, I shall share it with you. 😀

Day 1:I’m very optimistic. It gets weird sometimes. I can manage to be both happy and sad at the same time by simply choosing to focus on the bright side. Everything is a choice, I believe. Happiness. Love. Obedience. We can choose to be happy, and to love and to obey. This belief got me through a whole lot already.”

Day 5:Sometimes, in the midst of all the terrible things going on, you get a glimpse of something good. And then, everything changes. Those little “I love life” moments that seem to drown out every little bad thing in your head, and those little good things in life that just make you feel right … Those are the things that make life worth it.”

Day 6:You can actually compare this to life in general. Even if, sometimes, there are more bad things than good ones, there are still good things. And if you focus on those good things, you’ll be able to say you’re okay.”

(I promise you, I didn’t do that on purpose. Haha.)

That’s my thing, I guess? Optimism. Focusing on the bright side. Choosing to be happy. All that is probably why I’m still in one piece today, after everything I’ve been through. (Aside from my faith, of course) Believe me, they’re easier said than done. But, it’s always up to you. Once you get yourself to do it, you’ll see how different your life will be. 🙂


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