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Just Do It

December 9, 2011

For a long while now, I’ve been thinking of everything I wanted to do. Actually, that’s all I ever do. I think. I make lists. I make plans. I dream. I get so wrapped up in my thoughts, so caught up with the excitement of the initial stage, that I forget the step that should follow: the execution. What good would all those bucket lists do, if you won’t ever make an effort to get those things done?

I’ve come to find that the fulfillment you get from checking something on a list is a thousand times better than the excitement you get from writing it down. The doing is better than the dreaming. The experiencing is better than the planning. That’ was my realization. Something snapped right there and then. It suddenly became so clear to me that all I needed to do was DO.

Right now, I’m the most excited that I’ve been in so long. There’s no solid plan this time. Once a week. Do something new. That’s the only plan. I’ve written over a hundred things on my to-do list. All I need to do now is get them done.

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