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December 16, 2011

*Finally found the urge to write again.

Coincidentally, this week is actually worth writing about. It was the 50th week of the year, the 12th week of my adventure project and the last week of school. The week started off pretty badly. Horrible Monday. I felt a very familiar feeling. Familiar, yet impossible to perfectly describe. A big part of it is the heaviness in the chest that doesn’t go away. Then, there’s the extreme irritability. The overthinking. The moodiness. The random break downs which are usually about shallow things, or just small things piled up. The random explosions of insecurities that never seemed to be there before. Perhaps, most women would understand this perfectly!

On Wednesday though, my week turned around. I saw a friend that had just returned home after months for a Christmas vacation. He invited me to sing for his family’s office Christmas party the next day. We practiced songs just like old times. It was really fun. Lately, I haven’t been singing as much as I used to so, this made me realize how much I missed it. Plus, it was a school night so it felt extra great to be able to get away from the work.

The party itself really made my week extra special. Everything about it was so interesting. I was so content with simply watching the people and how happy they were. It was an office party so; it came as a surprise to me that they were so happy, close and fun. Apart from that, I was amazed with how my friend and his family prepared for it. The kids were in charge of the program, from the prayer, to the speeches/ messages, and to the performances. I was surrounded with incredibly talented people. It was a real honor to sing for such great musicians. When I say great, I mean great. We planned it out the night before and suddenly we were doing numbers with piano, guitar, percussions and even flute accompaniment. That’s definitely something you don’t experience every day.

Today is Friday, December 16, 2011. It was a great day. Perfect. So many things happened. I experienced Simbang Gabi for the first time at 5 in the morning in the LSGH chapel. Then, one high light of my daywe wore pajamas to school. My entire class did, just for the fun of it, and also to make our last Christmas party memorable. After school, my day went on with a series of bondings with different sets of friends.  With one group, there was Frisbee and fetch with a Labrador retriever in the pool. And with another, there was cards and mah jong. The night was capped off in my own home, with Christmas lights, Christmas music, a random fireworks display and great company. What a way to start the Christmas break!

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