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Thoughts on Christmas

December 28, 2011

Meet my cousins. 🙂
This photo was taken during our annual Christmas reunion.
That’s probably the only time you’ll ever see all 28 of us under one roof.

And that is exactly what I love about Christmas.
I don’t like the way it boomed into such a commercialized event.
Because it really isn’t about the gifts, or the money, or the food.
Even if I LOVE the gifts and money and food…

Christmas is that time of the year that people come home to be with their families.
People make an time and effort to see their loved ones and spend time with them.
And people finally take the time to acknowledge God’s awesomeness!
We remember all the good things, and we thank Him for it.
We remember what He has done for us, and we thank Him all of it.
And we celebrate!
There are so many reasons to celebrate.

It’s definitely the most wonderful time of the year for me.
Bright lights and great music.
Good food and great company.
And in the Pangilinan reunion,
There were kids randomly bursting into song.
People singing in spontaneous harmonies.
A long walk with 28 people in one line.
Gifts flying all over the place.
Kids and grownups running all over the place.
Frisbee games.
The best home-made cookies ever.
Heart-warming speeches and messages.
And so much more!

I love Christmas.
And this year’s celebration was definitely the best one yet.


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