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Twenty for Twenty Twelve

January 1, 2012

People often wait for the arrival of a new year before they start acting on problems or make certain improvements. New Year resolutions. It’s classic. It’s one of my favorite lists to make, and I make many. Despite the fact that it is a huge cliche, I love writing my resolutions. They’re goals, dreams or points for improvement. That list is one of the many ways for us to become better people. Here’s mine.

This year I will…

1. Not have any injuries, sicknesses or any reason to have to go to the doctor/ hospital.

2. Continue doing something new once a week.

3. Be more responsible with my money.

4. Read more.

5.  Write regularly. Maybe, this blog will help.

6. Be more careful when/ where I fall asleep.

7. Commute to further places.

8. Learn new things.

9. Pass and choose the right college.

10. Learn how to photoshop.

11. Be a better dog owner.

12. Learn to drive.

13. Not drink soft drinks.

14. Improve on playing piano and guitar.

15. Be more responsible in replying to texts.

16.Buy my own load.

17. Draw/ Paint more.

18. Have more time for God.

19.Do more charity work. 

20. Learn to say no.

I’m very excited to get these things done! Here’s to a happy, healthy 2012!

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