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Six Months and Now: Thoughts on School

January 18, 2012
(Disclaimer: You may not agree with me but, these are just thoughts. Please stay in school!)

July 2011

A lot can happen in a year. A lot of things can change. This photo was taken back when my life revolved around doctors, pain and pain killers. Compared to before, I can talk about it more comfortably and openly because, well, I’m pretty sure that, by God’s grace, it has left my life for good. No reason to fear. It was a condition that lasted 6 months, on and off. It affected almost everyone around me and it completely changed my life.

It was as if I forgot all that had actually happened to me.
It’s like it happened in a different life. Not the one I live right now.

During the six months that I was sick, I remember being so afraid. There were so many questions I wanted to ask God. Why did He allow it to happen to me, of all people? Why sickness, of all things?

When it started last February 2011, there I was, in so much pain, and all that I could think about was school.

What will happen to my grades?
 My class standing?
Will I graduate with honors?
What if this lasts a long while?
How can I do what I planned for senior year?
What about my extra curricular activities?
What about the people I work with in my club?
And how am I supposed to study for college???

Those were the things that mattered to me.

I had never been absent in school until the day I was forced to stay home to rest. You’d think every teenager would jump at an offer to skip school. But, back then, I would insist to attend. I even took the trouble to write a letter asking the administration to allow me to take the final exams which I had already been excused from.

Everyone was telling me that I should stop thinking about school. When I was in class, my teachers and friends would tell me to just go home, that I did not need to be there, that it should no longer be my priority and that it was not as important as my health, and my life.

January 2012

Six months later, and here I am. Healthy, happy and very different.

So many things have been going through my head lately, especially with all the talk about college. But, it surprises me how circumstances can go from scary, uncertain and horrible to simply, great.  Everything that has happened changed my entire mindset, rearranged my priorities and reset my focus. All my worries back then are the things I couldn’t care less about now.

I had to let go of my position and membership in the club I mentioned earlier and now, I have 1 extra – curricular activity. Last year, I had around seven and now, I have just one. I don’t know what my rank is in class anymore because it proved itself to have no significance whatsoever. I forgot my grade point average last quarter because I finally realized that it really is just a number. Grades do not define my life or who I am, and I will no longer put all my time and effort into making an insignificant mark.

My life is no longer limited to the walls of my alma matter. I realized that school really isn’t as important as society makes it seem. It has simply become a part of my day, which happens to consist of a lot other things in life that are worthwhile. To be honest, I don’t see myself using logarithmic functions, or the formula for the frequency of a transverse wave, as a mother, or ever, for that matter.

Why do we spend half of our lives preparing for life?

I’m very thankful for being blessed with a good education, definitely. But, I’m also very thankful for that huge wake up call. Life’s not just about the grades. It should not just be a routine where you wake up, go to school, go home, study, sleep and repeat the process. Life could be much more interesting, much more fun, and much more meaningful at the same time… if you allow it to be.

What are your goals?
Do you lack purpose?
Are you holding back?
Are you fulfilled?
And are you happy?

School is important, yes.
But, it’s not the only thing that is.

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