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21 Weeks Down

February 21, 2012

*Week 21 – Face painting for the first time at the Jzone Fiesta Night!*

“Once a week. Do something New.”

In my first entry under this category, I mentioned that that was my only plan. It’s been 21 weeks since I first started and I can say with all my heart that it has been an amazing journey. I originally intended to blog about every week but, well, that was too hard to keep up. So here’s an attempt to document the best of those 21 weeks. 🙂

(10/10)  Week 3 – This was my first LEGIT new thing. I voluntarily skipped school one day and rode a tricycle alone for the first time. The trike driver was very friendly and agreed to wait for me in every place I went to! That time spent out on the road definitely taught me something I would have never learned in class.

(10/ 24) Week 5 – This was when the Jzone sem break camp was held. It was definitely life – changing. It was the first time I ever joined something ALONE, or without a set group of people. That forced me to hang out with a totally new crowd but, I’m so thankful for that. I learned a lot and met so many great people.

(10/ 30) Week 6 – This week, on November 1 to be exact, I opened Details Ink. Things would have never been the same if I hadn’t taken that risk. And well, I also rode a public bus with a good friend of mine this week.

(11/ 21) Week 9 – My church was privileged enough to have Starfield, a foreign Christian band, lead us in worship. I hosted the event with my friend, Naomi, and we got to meet and interview the band. This was definitely a new experience; one that I might not get to have again..

(12/ 5) Week 11 – This was one of my favorite weeks. Together with a classmate, I worked in our friend’s ribbon factory, and even got to ride on the company motorcycle! That week, I also forced myself to finally ride a jeep alone.

(12/ 26) Week 14 – I went to Tagaytay with my friends! This was one of the highlights of my 2011. It was that fun! Also in this week was my family’s New Year trip to Subic… where I finally  rode a horse again after the accident last 2010. Lastly, to end the year with a bang, I got bitten by a snake right on my ankle a few minutes before midnight…. sadness. What a week, right?

(1/ 9) Week 16 – Somehow, I won the impromptu speech contest, which is basically an annual inter-batch competition that isn’t really a big thing. More importantly, I drove for the first time!! 😀

(1/23) Week 18 – My friend, Mona, and I went wall climbing at a center near both our houses. I sort of dragged her into adventure mode that day. That week, I skipped school again but, for a valid reason… to confirm my slot in UST for BS Architecture! It was an AMAZING day. Too long to talk about here, though. Lastly, I drove on a main road for the first time, with my dad on the passenger seat.

(2/ 13) Week 21 – Just when I thought I had run out of new things to do, Saturday happened. I spent the whole morning working on the Wildfire Youth room with two other designers and a bunch of carpenters! I had SO MUCH FUN painting the walls, arranging the wood, and simply being a part of that project. That afternoon, I went to the Jzone Fiesta Night to help my cousin, Tahnee, in the face painting booth! Since painting isn’t something that comes naturally to me, I doodled a bunch of things on my arm so that people could have that option. For two hours straight, I was drawing and writing on hands, arms, and even biceps! I didn’t realize how much pressure that would cause but, nonetheless, it was a great experience that was just super fulfilling.

That entire day made me feel like, well, like I was getting somewhere? Cause I was doing things that were very much related to what I’d want to do in the future, that’s why. Baby steps, I guess. Baby steps. 🙂

Twenty-one weeks ago…
I had never ridden any form of public transportation on my own.
And now, that’s something I look forward to doing.

Twenty-one weeks ago…
Details Ink. was a far fetched dream.
And now, it’s up and running.

This adventure project totally changed my life. I think everyone should get out, explore uncharted territory, and start doing things they don’t usually do. After all, you’ll never know what’s out there unless you try to see for yourself. 🙂

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