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Day 19 – Something You Regret

April 27, 2012

Here’s something I truly believe: who I am today is the sum of all the choices I made, experiences I’ve had and everything that I’ve been through. All of it. Even the bad stuff.  Which is why I don’t really have any serious regrets.

The closest to a regret would be… not wanting to be the best at anything? Or not wanting it enough. Or settling with good, at the expense of greatness. Everything was always for fun. For fun. FOR FUN. (Still is, actually.) I never wanted to inject all the boring rules and techniques into my just – for – fun singing, piano and guitar playing, drawing and everything else I love doing. So right now, although all those things are still sources of fun and joy, they’re also some of my main sources of frustration.

Do you play guitar? Yeah, kind of.
Do you play piano? Sometimes…?
Are you an artist? Well, I like art but, nah.
So, you’re a singer? Not really. For fun though, yeah.

Jack of all trades; master of none.

It’s both a gift and a curse. But, it’s not something that gets me all sad and insecure every minute of everyday. Instead, it gets me thinking. What if I had pushed myself to be better? How far could I have gone? Would I have been able to become a master of anything? Things like that.

And that would be my only almost – regret.

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