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June 16, 2012

Wordcomm Youth

As we have read in books of both the past and present, people really do crazy things for love. We’ve read about a certain mermaid giving up her beautiful voice to meet the human she loved, a prince braving all forms of danger to rescue his princess, and even a street rat impersonating a prince just so he could marry the sultan’s daughter… all this, in the name of love.

There are countless stories about the crazy things people have done for love. People devote time and effort, and make billions of sacrifices for their beloved. We might wonder why people do these things. Why go through the trouble? What do they get out of it anyway?

Maybe, it’s a great feeling. Maybe, they do those things in vain, hoping that one day someone will do the same for them. Maybe, it just makes them happy. People have many different…

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