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Power to the Weird Ones

October 4, 2012

That beautiful line by my beautiful cousin got me thinking quite a lot.

She and I grew up together. Born and raised in the wild, along with four other kids.  At one point, it was 5 against 1… and she was the odd one out. Another time, it was me. Still, we claim to have had the best childhood anyone could ever ask for.

But, it was only when we grew up and sort of matured, that we realized…

That our bond was special.

That we were probably teased for the same reason when we were younger,
and that we’re still teased today for a similar reason as well.

I realized that God might have made me for her, and her for me

because we both need people that’ll understand us and won’t judge,
because we’re both actually very judge-able, in an unconventional way.

You see, Tahnee’s really weird.
She’s some sort of crazy perfectionist that puts herself down for reasons only she can see.
While she does that, she remains blind to all her adoring fans, myself included.
(Love you, Tahns!)

Hey, it’s not her birthday. It’s not any special day either.
I just read her letter on my birthday blog on tumblr.

And it made me realize how WOW it is when people figure out that they have each other.

When you find that special bond, with those special people…

You can eat with your hands, like you’ve always wanted to, and not be afraid that they’d walk out in shame. #enrique
You can fall asleep during conversations, and know they’ll still forgive you. #ategab #everyone
You can tell them how you really feel about things, and somehow they’ll understand. #dani
You can wear what you want, and they’ll be honest and tell you your outfit sucks. That’s love. #andree
You can NOT tell them how you feel about things but, they’ll know anyway. #rej #christel
You can mock them like a mocking bird. #annica #inside joke
You can bother them for a really long time, and they’ll hate you… but they won’t really hate you. :> #timo 

You can be your weirdo self, and they’ll love you for it.

Cut from the same cloth – you and I
And I’m so glad we finally figured that out

I could write about each person up there and tell you their stories
and how weird they all are
and how they became such a  big part of my life
and how HAPPY I am that they all are.

Thank you, Tahnee, for helping me figure that out.

And like you said…



One Comment leave one →
  1. October 22, 2012 7:40 am

    My comment only ought to be three words “I KNOW RIGHT…”
    ❤ Here's to BFF cousins and strangelings…

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