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Day 30 – One Last Moment

November 11, 2012

Originally, I planned to write about perfect moments that are captured on camera. That would’ve probably been a more interesting read but, unfortunately, my creative juices are nowhere to be found. Instead, what I’m about to write involves the way I’m feeling right in this moment.

I feel nothing. 😦

In the last hour, I probably started 10 tasks and finished none. Tonight has been really off but strangely, I’m not in a bad mood. I’m not sleepy either. Nor am I angry or upset or happy or hungry or ANYTHING.


Since I started writing this blog, I probably deleted 4 whole paragraphs… because it was only after they were typed in that I realized they either made no sense at all or that they were just totally irrelevant to this entry.

And now, I realize that this is a terrible way to end a 30 Day Challenge that was stretched out for almost 2 years. Finally, all thirty entries have been written! I can finally check Finish a 30 Day ChallengeΒ in my bucket list.

At least I’m done. That’s something to be happy about, I guess.

With that, I wish to end.

(I still feel nothing, it’s so strange. Goodnight!)

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