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Day 1 – A Photo of Yourself With Fifteen Facts

November 18, 2012
Taken by my favorite brother, Timo

1. The people in the voter’s registration questioned me and thought I was 14. But, no. I’m 18. πŸ™‚ Believe it or not.
2. I’m not tech-y and I always pray that my future kids will still have a taste of what’s natural.
3. I’m always, always, always excited or scared. Or both.
4. My body’s very strong and sturdy….. HAHA I’m joking.
5. I have pride issues, I think.
6. I’m sweet. I really am… but, I fight it with everything I have. Hahaha.
7. I was a save – the – world/ i-love-mother-earth type of kid…
8. Details Ink. is my baby! And I believe that YOU should check the site and buy for all your friends!!
9. The feeling of being independent makes me very happy.
10. Some of my friends think it’s weird that I have time for arts and crafts.
11. Clubs and bars and parties… Really not my scene.
12. I have so many dreams.
(To become an architect/ designer/ artist/ writer/ traveler/ explorer/ etc.)
13. No matter how many hours of sleep I get the night before, I fall asleep so easily during the day.
(During class/ after eating/ in a super loud party/ basketball game/ etc.)
14. I make a lot of lists on a million different notebooks with a billion different pens. (Yay 3 in 1 fact.)
15. I wish to change the world one day!

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