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Day 2 – A Photo of You and the Person You’ve Been Close With Awhile

November 19, 2012

Angela De Lange and I only see each other about 5 times a year.

But, that’s every year.

Every year since birth.

(*Background: If families could have best – friend – families, the De Lange’s would be ours. Our dads were best friends in the business then, they introduced their wives to each other, who ended up “besties”. Then coincidentally, they had 3 children each that were born around the same time but then, four more kids followed for her family! Hahaha!)

Our friendship is the kind that grew so strong because of all the time we spend away from each other. So, there’s always a lot more excitement before we see each other and a whole lot of dramatic hugs, exaggerated sadness and even some fake tears whenever we part.

So, yes. She’s someone I’ve been close with for a very long while.


These two, on the other hand, I’ve known for a very, very short while.

Six months ago, I met my blockmates… Maia and Iggy.

I’m with these two almost all day…




This friendship was formed by force… We spend too much time together, it’s insane. Every class, every group project, every break… IT’S INSANE. But, a picture is worth a thousand words and I think this photo of us captures the very essence of our friendship perfectly.

Our friendship… is insane. :))

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