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Day 5 – Your Fondest Memory (Hello There, Ate Gab)

November 22, 2012

That’s me, on the left and on the right, holding the Brain Quest cards, is my sister, Gab. When we were younger, she was the book worm. She read all the time while, I couldn’t bring myself to finish a single book. I’d be asleep by the second chapter… or sometimes, the second sentence… This photo up there represents one of my fondest memories. There are too many memories to choose from but, deciding wasn’t too hard because, well, you’ll see later. Anyway, what’s going on in that photo was a pretty common scenario back when we were little. Gab would tell me about whatever it is that she was reading and I’d be right beside her, oh so eager to listen.

Whenever people asked what my favorite book was, I’d answer Artemis Fowl with so much confidence. And I’d say that because it really was. Honest! The question was always followed by insightful exchanges about Artemis, and how cool he is and how exciting his life as a criminal mastermind might be since, he’s friends with those fairies and all that. I loved the book so much and often dreamed of living a life as adventurous as his… although, I never actually read the book. There was just this one time, when Gab and I were lying down, talking until who knows what time…  cause she told me the entire story.

I won’t ever forget that. Or any of the other times we talked till who knows what time. We probably profiled each and every member of our family and church, just for fun. She made a list of my 18 roses and I made a list for her too, just for fun. She would tell me about her admirers (hahaha) and my stomach would make a weird sound… My mom would always peep to check what we’re doing or why we’re still up, and we’d tell her to leave. Hahaha! One time, our dad even went outside the door and stood right out the window to listen to us talk! But, we knew he was there and we told him to leave. Nicely. Haha! And as much as we love Timo, there are still times when we want to really talk and we tell him to leave also. (Don’t get me wrong. We LOVE our family okay? okay.)

When she turned thirteen, I remember exactly how I felt. I got scared she was growing up and I didn’t know how to stop it so, I just cried. When she turned seventeen,  it was the first time I saw my sister and alcohol at the same time and place. I freaked out inside. Really. I remember exactly how I felt. I got scared she was throwing, I mean, growing up and I didn’t know how to save her so, I just cried.

Tomorrow, she turns twenty – one.

And this feeling is all too familiar.

But now, I realize that it’s useless to be afraid of her growing up and us, growing apart. Because eventually, she really will want to go out into the world and live somewhere on her own for a while. I know that’s what I want. But, the fact has sunken in, we really will be stuck together. No matter what. Despite whatever distance or whatever form of busy-ness may come in between, she’s my sister. Who’ll forever be three years older. So, I can’t keep crying every time she hits a milestone year in her life. She’s my sister, with whom I share a room, bed, a face (jk), shoes, clothes, interests and many other characteristics but who, in contrary to popular belief, is different from me in so many, many ways.

And even when we’re in our late twenties, I know there’ll be times when we’ll lie down until the morning talking about our lives. Past, present and most specially, our future. I know that after a billion jobs, performances, degrees, and whatever forms of adventure we take on, we’ll come back home to make kwento. I know that we’re going to be each other’s maids of honor and one day, she’ll tell all my kids about Artemis Fowl or something like that. No matter what…

She’s my sister and I love her. 

Happy, happy birthday Ate Gab! 🙂

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