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Day 6 – Someone I’d Want to Trade Places With For a Day

November 24, 2012

This post killed my 5 day streak. It was actually pretty hard to choose one cause there are bunch of people who have certain things going on in their life that make them a pretty good target for this trade. Here’s two of them!

On the left, there’s Jasper Tan. (I wrote about him before on his bday!) First, he studies abroad. Meaning, he lives on his own and has all the freedom to explore  and discover the world and walk around some foreign city alone. I would have loved to have that but, I just couldn’t and still can’t bring myself to leave my life here, in the Philippines. SO, living that life for a day sounds pretty good. Hahaha! Just a day. Like a free trial to see if that’s what I really want for myself in the future, haha! Second, I would seriously love to be a musical prodigy. HAHA Well, he isn’t a world famous musical prodigy or anything but, I already declared him as such and therefore, I believe that he is with all my heart. (Whut.) And I would love to be that talented. To play the piano like he does? Wow. Dream come true. But hey, would his skills be mine for a day too? Cause that’d be great! (Hello, Jasper! Hohoho)

On the right is Enrique Fausto. Well, since he’s sort of my special blah blah… Hahaha, I’m kidding. Since, he’s my boyfriend, I think it’d be really cool to switch places with him and see what his everyday life is like. A day in college might kill us both though. If I were to attend his ME classes, he’d probably get cut from his course. HAHA. Because Math and I were never really good friends. Even his PE! I might have him fail that too cause, well, it’s Street Dance. Huhu. And if he were to attend my majors for Architecture (a.k.a. my drawing classes), I know deep in my heart… that I would fail. HAHAHA We have our own things going on, and I guess it would just be nice to know his side. You know, so that I’d understand more when he says he’s busy with this, or having a hard time with that, or whatever. I would also love to be able to drive, for real, on a road, on my own! I’d finally be able to return the favor. He drove for me a billion times before, and he still does, and I promised I’d do the same for him once I get my license. I’m actually excited for that! And also, at least for a day, I’d love to… be able to… dance. HAHAHAHA. (Hi Enrique)

That’s all, goodbye!

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