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Day 7 – Your Most Treasured Item

November 25, 2012

I love my planners. They start out as empty notebooks and finish off as super thick scrapbooks/ journals/ sketch books, all in one. If someone wanted to get to know me, that’s probably the first thing they should look at. There’s always this one question that people ask for Ice Breakers or whatever: what’s something you’d want with you, if you were stuck on an island? My stupid 14 year old answer wouldn’t be any form of weapon and not at all a key to my survival. It’d be… my planner. And pens. Cause, you know, if you were stuck on an island, you’d get bored out of your mind without a planner and pens. Makes a lot of sense, huh? (Not.)

Well, anyway, I’m gonna semi – cheat here. This planner represents everything else that I treasure. All those artworks, however small or ugly they may be, and those journals from my childhood that contain self – written stories that are too embarrassing for any non – relative to know about, scrapbooks with badly cut photos and tiny little embellishments, and all the notebooks I have that are such a hassle to keep because of all the space they consume but, are too precious to throw out because of all the things they contain inside.

People wonder what I do on my own. This is it. Haha! Fixing up this blog site or the Details Ink. website is probably the most tech-y thing I do already. This is what I do to relax or de-stress. I make… stuff. And think about stuff and write about stuff and make people handwritten letters and wonder about life and question God and ask Him things and draw what I feel. (But hey, I’m normal okay? Many times, I get carried away using Facebook and I love sleeping like everyone else. I’m just saying.)

I treasure the products of those moments. I treasure my box of stuff which I salvaged from my mom’s pile of things – to – throw, my other box of palanca letters from my retreat in high school, my big, big box of handwritten birthday letters and my even bigger box with the 500 paper cranes, which made a pretty amazing get – well – soon gift. Those letters and notebooks and pictures and things I can look back at 10 years from now, things that’ll help me remember what once was… those are the things that I treasure. 🙂

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  1. November 25, 2012 5:49 am

    Make a planner for details ink! :>

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