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Day 9 – The Person Who has Gotten You Through The Most

December 9, 2012

Well, that’s a mouthful for a title.

To start off, I just wanna say that… I have failed. So much for the 30 day streak. Well, I was aware when I thought about it – aware of how unlikely it would have been for me to actually finish a 30 day challenge in exactly 30 days. But, anyway…

Who has gotten me through the most?

Well, it could be any of the following:


A. My Barkada

Because they, essentially, got me through high school. If you ask me about my high school experiences; the good AND bad stuff, they’re probably gonna be a part of most of the stories, if not all. They would visit me in the hospital, despite the visitors – highly – discouraged thing, and they’d be so noisy, it would make my head so painful and my heart so… happy HAHAHA. And I remember they only shut up when I started crying and then, they teared up with me.

Together, we braved through soirees, junior prom, graduation ball and everything that comes in between those things. Including a few parties and a few drinks and a few break ups, I guess. For the girls, especially, we’ve already talked about things that haven’t even happened yet! Things like, our kids… where they’d study, which sports they’d be good at, how we wouldn’t let them play with the kids of ______. Hahaha! I could go on and on but, it’s already 2:41 AM. So, let’s move on to…


B. My Boyfriend

I guess a lot of girls would pick this option if they had only one but, that would be incredibly cheesy and in my case, it doesn’t feel right to take the credit away from every one else in my life that deserves it. (Okay, I’m just being defensive now. I’m gonna stop.)

People often always ask us how we manage to stay together, strong and happy, when we’re both reeeeeally busy with our own lives. I can never give a straight answer cause, well, even I’m not so sure. We just… go on with our lives… knowing that for every adventure, we have someone to tell, who’ll really listen for sure. And after every success, we have a sure fan. Haha! And after every failure, we’ll STILL have a sure fan! Haha.

I’m never gonna forget his face the first time I told him about the whole scary brain situation. (Or his face whenever I trip or slip or hit something, accidentally.) I’m never gonna forget the times I’d call him up and just cry whenever it’d hurt too much and he’d have no idea what to do. (Thank God we’re past that!) I’m never gonna forget what he did for me on my 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th birthdays, and all the days, weeks and months in between them. Happy, happy. 🙂

Now before this segment gets even a tiny bit cheesier, I’m gonna move on to…

Copy of DSC00305

C. My Family

Obviously, they’ve gotten me through 18 years and they’ve seen my at my very best and very worst. They see how messed up I can look when I wake up in the morning, how every wound or scratch or bite that turns into a permanent scar on my body, how sungit I can get sometimes, how serious I can get during other times and… you get the picture. Oh but, there’s more.

My dad listened to me talk about my dreams and goals when I was 3 and he still does now. He taught me life lessons like “Mourn for a day then, move on.” and “Once a week, do something that scares you.” My mom was with me the whole way through, during the 6 months that I had brain drama. She took care of me, in every way that you can think of. She’s also, in many, many ways, my business partner! Lots, I owe to her.

My sister knows me. Sometimes, I don’t even have to say anything. She just knows that something big happened or that I’m about to cry or rant or release my frustrations and anger. Plus, she planned me the best 18th birthday ever. And my brother acts all mean all the time but, he sucked the freakin’ venom from my foot when a snake bit me.  That is love. Pure love 🙂

Although my siblings tease me all the time, they sat by me, one on each side, when my whole body stiffened up during a heat stroke during a camp. They stood by me, one on each side, and helped me walk when I tore my ligament and had an immobilizer on my left leg. They cried beside me, and massaged my stone – hard hands when my body responded in a super scary way after one of the procedures on my back. And with all the tubes connected to my hand, and all the pain and all the stress, they stayed with me on the hospital bed, one on each side, and we talked about Kimmy Dora and we couldn’t stop laughing and it was amazing. Despite all the middle child jokes and whatnot, deep in my heart, I know that they love me. ❤


I know I totally cheated over here, with my options and all. But, needless to say, I can’t choose just one option, much less one person. After writing this blog, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of nostalgia but, apart from that, it’s all content. Once again, I wonder what I did right. What was God thinking when he gave these people to me?

Maybe, He already knew that at specific points in my life, I’d need them.
Each and every one of them.

Blessed. I really am. 🙂

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