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Days 10 & 11 – Something You Hate/ Love

December 24, 2012


I really, really don’t like toe.

Especially when you wiggle them.

And that is all I have to say for Day 10…

Which is why I decided to combine the two days; at least, I’d end with a happy note! Haha!


love arts and crafts.
Or making things.
Or turning potential garbage into art.
And everything else of that sort.

Oh, and I love boxes.
(By the way, another box blog is coming soon!)

223804_A_Pilot BL-GC4-B G Tec C4 Gel Rollerball Pen 0.2mm line Black 662643_2011_01

I love PILOT G – Tech pens.
And drawing materials in general.


This photo was just grabbed from Tumblr.

But, I just love pictures.
– especially the ones that inspire
And make me dream and hope and love and want and dream and dream and dream

Like, this for example…
When I first saw it, I immediate thought of my dream – studio.
I definitely want a room for art somewhere inside my future house. ❤

I love love.
I love dreaming.
I love art.
And I love God,
For making me love those things more than anything Apple has to offer!

Merry Christmas ❤

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