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Top Twelve for Twenty Twelve

January 6, 2013

I’ve seen several blogs with this title already… top 12 movies, songs, artists and all that stuff. Sorry this entry didn’t come on time. I sort of missed the New Year rush but nonetheless, here are the top 12 things that happened last year, that I am super thankful for.

1. Graduation Ball + Graduation Day

I have to admit… I was really excited to get out of high school. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my school (except several systems, etc.)Β and high school in general. But I was just really looking forward to college and starting a new chapter of my life. (And being even a little bit closer to finishing school.)


It’s been around 9 months since this epic night, spent with the most fun people in the world. I enjoyed even more here compared to prom… even if I had the same date and hung out with the same people. The main reason why is: I wasn’t wearing a long gown. That’s all.


Here’s a photo of my favorite class, IV – Solidarity. Our class adviser is somewhere in there and I doubt you’ll ever guess which one because she looks as young (and as beautiful) as us! Haha! But really, I’m super thankful for this class. The bond we shared was really special. It’s something we like to call The Solid Support System. Self – explanatory.

We’re all really different and of course, there are a bunch of different groups within. But altogether, it’s love. Despite how much I miss us, there’s this sense of security inside me that no matter how old we are or how long it’s been since our last reunion, the bond will still be there. That’s not gonna change.

Yup, we’re that solid.

2. South Life + JRP Design Inc.Β “Internship”




It was more like an exposure trip, actually. For two weeks, I lived with my uncle, Arch. John N. Pangilinan and went with him to work. Well, I hadn’t entered college yet so, there wasn’t really anything I could offer. But, they taught me to use materials and made me do a lot of basic exercises that hurt my hands on the first try. I got to talk to a lot of the architects and ask them about their experiences in college. It was pretty great! It was the ultimate new thing to for my adventure project.

I learned A LOT and being away from my family, even if it was just for a week at a time, taught me a bunch of things as well. #forevergrateful



Apart from the architecture experience, this whole thing gave me a glimpse of the South life and MY GOSH it is beautiful. I took a lot of pictures! It’s quiet and peaceful. Time seems to move much slower. I got to think and swim and relax and read. READ! Even from just living there, I gained a lot already.

Two weeks in the south. It reinforced my dream. When I grow up, I wanna live there.
(Or anywhere that has a south vibe!)

3. Unmasked Youth Camp


The way this camp turned out was amazing. God really worked in there. The youth really got to bond and get to know each other and it was GREAT! These two girls were my buddies that summer. Leah, on the left and Rachel, in the center.

We attended the youth camp…

4. Go, Grow, Glow Kids Camp


…and the kids camp…

3. Young Professionals Getaway


…AND the young professionals’ outing! Hahaha!


That summer was one of the best ones ever. I had just graduated and I was aware that I would have summer classes for the next 4 years so… I had to make the the most out of it! Leah, Rachel and I experienced being with people our age, taking care of kids and going on legit teacher mode and finally, learning from the young adults of our church! Who are all good friends of ours. It’s strange, really.

I’m really thankful for those three outings because I definitely learned and got much closer to people I never thought I’d even talk to before.

5. College




If there’s one thing that changed during 2012, it’s this. I entered college. And man, I’m really loving it. So much more than high school! There’s surprisingly so much more free time BUT, there’s a lot more that you need to do. Well, there’s a lot more freedom in general. You can do whatever you want during breaks. You can cut classes. (Well, not really but, anyway…) You can eat lunch out everyday. And the list goes on!


6. My 18th Birthday


The morning of my birthday was spent with the kids of Kalayaan Elementary School. It’s a group called The Sunshine Club. We played a bunch of games, performed and taught them how to dance Gangnam Style! Well… my dancer friends taught them. Haha! Seeing their super happy faces… pretty great birthday gift!


They even made a sign for me! My heart melted when I saw it. This little girl was also celebrating her birthday on that day so, we shared this birthday girl photo. πŸ™‚


And that night, I had a debut-ish dinner at Thai Pan with the most chill but, most entertaining program ever. The 18 roses portion was the best! And I don’t know how many times I cried during the 18 treasures… good thing they didn’t do it in front of everyone.

I’m never gonna forget that day. I was genuinely happy. The type wherein you just have to stop and take it all in… how blessed you are and how happy it feels to have blessed others as well.

7. Anniversary


This is a photo of us in 2009.


This is a photo of us during my birthday in 2012.

Although we celebrated our first anniversary last year, it’s been so much longer than that and I thank God everyday for this happy, happy relationship πŸ™‚

8. Batangas Trip


One of the best trips ever. I am so happy I went! Enough said.

9. Trick or Treat


The Halloween gang: Timo, Tahnee, Joshua, Enrique and me.

This year was… can you believe it… the FIRST time I went Trick or Treating! We went all the way to Ayala Alabang and the traffic was horrible but, it was worth it.

Good company with good food in a nice house with a nice garden and… a nice, big box. What more can you ask for? Haha!

10. 2012 Collection




Here’s one of the things I’m most thankful for: The 2012 Collection of Details Ink! I’m really happy it pushed through BEFORE Christmas… new designs AND new packaging. Thank God it worked out.

By the way, it’s not too late toΒ order a box of envelopes and gift cards for yourself.

Click HERE.

11. Students Permit + Voters Registration + Commuting

2012 was a year of growth and adventures. I’m really thankful and happy to have done something new every single week for the whole year! Some of those new things include learning how to drive and actually getting my student’s permit. Now, my priority is getting my legit driver’s license.

Another is lining up for 7 hours and successfully becoming a registered voter! Β And the last is something that has become a normal thing for me: commuting… and crossing streets WITHOUT holding people’s arms/ hands. #abouttime

12. Christmas 2012




Christmas came and went a little too quickly this year. However, it was still great and well spent, with all the different groups and families that are equally special. Always one of the highlights of my year!

– – – – – – – – –Β – – – – – – – – –

I really can’t believe the year is over and that it’s already the 6th day of 2013. There was a tweet – Β “I swear, that year felt like 3 months”. It did, actually. Nothing we can do about that now…


Goodbye, 2012.
Thank You, Lord for everyone I met and every person I learned from and every experience that broke me and strengthened me and made me the meΒ that I am right now. Thank You. πŸ™‚

Here’s to an even better 2013!Β 

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