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Day 15 – Something You Want To Do Before You Die

January 16, 2013

This is one of my favorite things to write about, talk about, dream about and think about: things I want to do. Last year was all about transitioning from being a dreamer to a doer. I wanted to do a lot of new things and some of the changes that took place were:

  1. I met lots of people of so many different backgrounds and lifestyles and… ages.
  2. I started driving and got my license student’s permit.
  3. I started commuting via jeep and LRT/ MRT and honestly… I’m so happy and proud of myself :(( Hahaha.
  4. I learned to cross streets without holding anyone/ anything. (Also proud of this one!)

Those are the things at the top of my head. But, that was last year. This year, I’ve got a similar goal and that is still, to do more… but, I want to do bigger things, I guess? I wanna do the things I want to do before I die. Except maybe, to become a mom and all those other major life things that are unsuitable for my age. And okay fine, maybe a lot of the things below are pretty extreme or too major to be done within the year but, whatever. Allow me to dream a little. Haha!

Some snit bits from The Bucket List:
(Photos taken from Pinterest)

I really just want to fly, somehow. Doing either of the two is probably the closest I’ll ever get!

Ultimate independence! I waaaaaant 🙂

This would be the best thing ever, really. 🙂

Just the voice. I don’t wanna wear their clothes or have their hair. I just wanna be their singing voice. Haha!

I really admire those who can. If I could master one language, this would be it.

At Thailand. One day!

I’m gonna do this the minute my weight/ body mass index hits normal!

Details Ink‘s a pretty good start, I guess! 😛

This one’s a legit dream!

To bake and to cook like a pro… it should be part of every girl’s bucket list.

Working on it! 😀

I’m just seriously excited for my future house…

Hihi. One day… 🙂

So exciting. I can’t imagine who all my friends are gonna marry… scary. Hahaha.

I guess this is a pretty big… thing for me. It’d mean so much. And it’d basically make my whole life worth it.


This list could go on and on but, it’s getting pretty late. And tomorrow’s a big day! I’ll get to check one thing off my list… I shall finally get my driver’s license!

Woohoo, adventure awaits. ❤

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