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Day 16 – Someone That Inspires You

January 18, 2013

The first person that entered my head is someone who’s probably gonna get really surprised when she sees this.

Hello, Rachel Halili!

(Super random, I know. Hohoho!)

This girl is one of the most talented people I have ever known in my whole entire life.
(Did I stress that enough?)

That up there is just one of the many, many works of art that she has in her blog/ portfolio.

She’s a digital art master whose eye for design really shows in every single piece. They’re all so well put together and they also manage to be so meaningful and inspirational. It’s some sort of signature output, I think.

Apart from her super ultra talented-ness, it’s her love for life that really, really amazes me. I’ve known this girl forever. (She’s my best friend’s older sister. And my best friend’s like my sister. Which makes her my sister too. Haha!) And ever since, she’s been an art – making, sports – loving, go – for – it, just – do – it, life – is – great, adventure – is – out – there type of person. Now, don’t those types of people just make you wanna live… more?

Which brings me to another girl…

Hello, Leah Halili!

*Note: Rachel took this photo and did the amazing editing!

This is Rachel’s #1 model and my buddy, Leah.

She’s another art – making, sports – loving, go – for – it, just – do – it, life – is – great, adventure – is – out – there type of person. Haha! Like sister, like sister! Except this one is more of the performer. The musical one.

See for yourself at her Soundcloud.

(So many promotions. Haha!)

To cut this portion short. Leah can do everything. Or at least, that’s what I feel.
And that’s what I admire about her.

Both of them, actually.

One day, you’ll see them having a photo shoot in their backyard and that same evening, they’ll probably be downloading good music that no one knows about/ working on some awesome art piece on Adobe Illustrator. The next day, they’ll be driving to UP to play Frisbee or to jog and the morning after that, they need to get up 4:00 for a trek to Mt. Pinatubo!

It’s that intense!

These two are amazing. They’ve been super duper big blessings in my life. Every single sleepover/ bonding/ whatever is always the perfect mix of  heart to heart talks, arts and crafts, good movies and midnight snacks. And some other top secret things. Hahaha!

Let me show you the product of one of our sleepovers last 2011:








Trust me, there is a looooot more where that came from.

It’s always fun with these two.
And I mean, always!

You know those friends you’re so… sure of?

“Lifetime friends. No doubt.”

The people you’ll probably still have sleepovers with when you’re 25…
The people you’ll plan Hong Kong trips with, one day…
The people whom you can imagine being close to your kids…

You know those lifetime friends?

Well, yeah.
These are two of mine. 🙂

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  1. March 12, 2013 10:37 pm

    Thank you for inspiring us as well, Kara, you are such a talented person and I’m pretty sure you will go places and explore the world one day! You’re the best dream buddy, sleepover, english accent speaking, youth partner, girlie in the world 🙂 I love you!!

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