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details ink.

I’ve always described this as a dream in progress. It all started as I was doodling on envelopes during one of my classes in senior year. My classmates liked the designs and being the supportive bunch that they are, they asked me to make some for them. Although I’m pretty sure that she didn’t really mean it at that time, someone blurted out,
“Come on, I’ll pay for it!”

Back then, I had just started my Adventure Project, where I was to do something new once a week. Those new things ranged from commuting on my own, auditioning to be a host somewhere, and other random things of that sort. I was filled with excitement, trying this and that just because I told myself that I would. However, because of that little comment, which I would have totally disregarded if it were said under different circumstances, Details Ink. was born.

It was my “something new” on the 6th week of that Adventure Project. Setting everything up wasn’t the easiest thing in the world but since I already decided to do it, it would have been a total waste if I had given up half way through.

Let’s just try this out.
Just for fun.
We’ll see what happens.
If this fails, I’ll charge it to experience.
I’ll figure things out along the way.
No turning back now!

Those were some of thoughts in my head while starting up. Looking back, I probably should have thought things out more thoroughly instead of diving in and leaving everything else to chance. Although it was pretty fun, figuring everything out and watching things get really messy and eventually fall back into place. But, I had help. Lots of it! I survived the beginning – the hardest part. A big, fat thank you goes to all the how – to – start – a – business websites and tutorials and books I found online, as well as to all the people I bothered with my questions and all the talk of dreams, etc.

I had no idea that those six envelopes would be the first of thousands. Sometimes, I still find it hard to believe.

Right now, I’m still trying things out and learning along the way. It’s a dream that’s still in progress. No rush for that, though. I’ve got the rest of my life to make things work!


Envelope sets are available online. The 2012 collection will be available very soon!

A variety of other products have been or will be sold at different bazaars with a limited stock only! Feel free to browse the website. Check out the latest products, and even the special design projects which we are involved in.

*Note: Designs are NOT drawn per piece.





  1. Huckleberry Jane permalink
    July 23, 2012 2:04 pm

    Hi! I really like your designs. More power! 🙂

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